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  • Fitness is an integral part of everyday life

  • Eating, sleeping, socializing with friends and spending time with family are all parts of our everyday life. This concept goes for fitness as well. We believe that fitness is an integral part of a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

  • Home fitness should be effective and enjoyable

  • Since fitness is an integral part of everyday life, wouldn't it be great to have it at your fingertip whenever you want it, e.g. in your own comfortable home? Therefore, we believe home fitness should be enjoyable and effective just like fitness done anywhere else.

  • Everything you need, nothing you don't

  • We believe in home fitness equipment that provides high functionality and flexibility to its users. This is the way that we can help you obtain the highest return of investment on your fitness journey.

  • Your Fitness Nook should be stylish and elegant

  • Since fitness is an integral part of everyday life, fitness equipment should also be on par with the positive lifestyle that you keep. Therefore, not only did we design myNook with high practicality in mind, we also took style, elegance, and storage solutions into consideration.