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1.Good Design & High Quality

We understand that the inherent design and quality of fitness equipment is directly related to the comfort and effectiveness of your workouts. Because your equipment is your long-term investment in your most precious asset, your body, we only carry products that meet the highest demand.

2.High Functionality & Flexibility

Compared to a commercial gym environment, fitness equipment in a home gym have different requirements. With space restrictions typically being a major concern with home gyms myNook offers fitness equipment that can be customizable to your space allowing you to have available diversity in both intensity and variety of exercises.

3.Minimalistic Approach

The minimalistic approach that myNook stands by, ensures that home fitness seekers have the highest return of investment, while meeting the space requirements in most urban apartments. We believe fitness comes from knowledge and determination, not endless purchases of needless or impractical equipment.

4.Modular Expansion Concept

Each myNook package is modularly expandable, which means that nothing will be thrown away down your fitness journey should you develop an interest in different styles of exercises, or become more fit and thus requiring higher intensity options.

5.Stylish and Elegant

Since fitness is an integral part of everyday life, fitness equipment should also be on par with the positive lifestyle that you keep. Therefore, not only do we design myNook with high practicality in mind, we also take style, elegance, and storage solution into consideration.