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Myths about Home Fitness

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1.Home fitness equipment is of lesser quality

This statement is true for many products on the market, which are marketed as "Home Fitness Equipment". Fitness Nook aims to change this perception by bringing high-quality and high-functionality products into the market.

2.Home fitness exercises are less effective

With high quality fitness equipment, exercising at home is like exercising elsewhere. The effectiveness is directly proportional to the effort and determination that you put into your fitness.

3.Home fitness exercises are boring

With high quality and high functionality equipment, there are a tremendous number of exercises that you can do at home. Even with no equipment, there is an abundance of exercises that you can do at home. Please see the "Fitness Resources" page for a list of recommended home exercise programs.

4.Exercising at home is dangerous

If you are completely new to fitness, we recommend that you first consult a doctor to obtain clearance for exercise. In addition, we also recommend learning some basics about exercising. Please see "Fitness Resources" page for some useful information about working out. Furthmore, if you exercise caution during yourworkouts, exercising at home is not more dangerous than exercising at the gym.

5.Exercising at home requires a large amount of space

Exercising at home does not require a large amount of space. While having a large space is naturally an advantage for performing a variety of exercises, for a single person, the minimum recommended exercise space is 4' by 7'.

6.Home fitness equipment is expensive

At the first glance, the price of a myNook package might seem high compared to a monthly gym membership. However, purchasing home fitness equipment is a one-time investment. Also, depending on the myNook design requirement, your customized myNook is comparable to only 6-9 months of gym membership. In addition, you are not bound by any contracts.