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Training Overview & Selection

Fitness Nook:Training Overview & Selection

A fitness program can consist of a single type of training or can be a mixture of different types of training. Choosing the right fitness program for you depends on the following factors:

1.Your Fitness Goal

Your fitness goal will determine the type of training in your fitness program. Of course, as you progress on your fitness journey, your fitness goals might change, and therefore, it is ideal to review your goals and fitness program periodically.

2.Your Interest

Your interest plays a crucial role in choosing your fitness program. Performing the type of training that interests you will make your workout sessions fun and enjoyable!

3.Time Commitment

It is important for you to figure out how much time you can dedicate to fitness every day or week. Finding a fitness program that suits your schedule is key to achieving your fitness goals sustainably. Please also remember to include commute time, waiting time, preparation time…etc.

4.Equipment Availability

While some fitness programs do not require any fitness equipment, having the right equipment can add the necessary intensity and increase the variety of exercises at your disposal. This will keep you interested in the long run. After all, we believe fitness is a lifelong commitment, not a short sprint to the finish line.

5.Space Availability

Most of the time, if you have about 50 Sq. ft., you can perform almost all exercises designed for home fitness. However, availability of space is still an important factor to keep in mind when choosing your fitness program.


We recommend a mixture between home fitness and sports/group exercises/outdoor activities to keep your fitness routine interesting. In addition, if you combine indoor home fitness with some outdoor sessions at the park or at the gym, you will have even more fitness programs to choose from because some of the space/equipment constraints may be eliminated.